I have this horrible tendency to dwell upon places I’ve travelled to when I need relief from my daily grind and lately I’ve found myself wishing I could wake up back in Hong Kong.  That place was seriously cool.  
I miss the gaudy skyline.
I miss the far-flung beaches scattered throughout the metropolis.
I miss the beauty of the city, even on a rainy/cloudy/smoggy day.
I miss the neon sidewalks and streets congested with taxis.
I miss the market shopping and hasty haggling.

I may (or may not) miss the un-American drinking age.

I miss the erroneous English & spelling on signs.

I miss the smelly & crowded, yet wonderfully convenient MTR.
I miss the temples hidden amid the mountains.
I miss the Buddhas scattered far and wide.
I miss having beautiful things to photograph.

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