Wanderlust Wednesday: Singapore, Singapore

Our Malaysian tour ended in Kuala Lumpur, but I had just one more stop before I headed home.

My plan was to take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, the route lasting around 4 hours…

BUT, who would have known! Asia has an airline similar to Europe’s low-cost carriers, and I found a direct, one hour flight for just $24 with Air Asia—booked the night before and everything!

I arrived first thing in the morning, and met up with Gajen and his girlfriend, Pretty, again. We only had one day to explore the cosmopolitan city, and it was beginning to rain, so we settled on a city bus tour. I hate doing these sorts of things, but when you’re limited on time, and if it’s raining, sometimes it’s just the best and least stressful way to cram it all in.

The tour started from the Singapore Flyer (below) and took us to all the main sites.


As we hopped on and off the bus, I couldn’t help but notice how immaculately clean and safe the city was. I don’t recall seeing trash ANYWHERE. In an effort to keep the city clean, chewing gum was banned in 2004 and it isn’t sold anywhere across the country.





Here, the rain began to come down a bit heavier, so we hopped off the bus and hopped into the shopping mall.

Please note: maxi skirts are not good a good choice to wear on rainy days & maxi skirts are also not good choice to wear on escalators.

As we took the escalator up to the mall, I felt something tugging at my skirt. I looked down and there was my skirt… slowly succumbing to the hungry escalator. BUT LUCKILY, I didn’t have to finish the city tour in my underwear. Gajen was able to tear my skirt out of the mechanics and it survived with just a few small tears and grease stains.




When the rain started to give up in the afternoon, we ditched the bus and walked around on our own.



In the heart of the city is the beautiful and iconic Marina Bay Sands Resort.


The innovative hotel overlooks the entire city, including Singapore’s ArtScience museum (below), the Singapore Flyer and amphitheater.


I opted to pay about $20 to have access to the roof of the hotel. I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it or not, but I am SO thankful I did. If you find yourself in Singapore… DO IT, DO IT!

How many people can say they have watched the sunset over Singapore from almost 700 feet in the air? Totally worth it.

Singapore skyline


Singapore skyline


If you can really afford to splurge on your Singapore stay… opt to stay at the Marina Bay and you can watch the sunset from this infinity pool. This area is obviously for hotel guests only, but wow, wow, wow.



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