Traveling List of Buckets

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I’m not  sure that I am really very fond of a having a bucket list for traveling.  Actually, in all honesty, the thought of such a list makes me quite flustered and nauseous.  Here’s my best shot, but just know that this list is really unbounded.  The more I cross off, the longer it will grow.  I find that with each new place explored, my “travel bug” becomes more fatal.  It’s a self-proclaimed affliction that I accepted long, long ago.

4 thoughts on “Traveling List of Buckets

  1. alyssaannduffy says:

    Erica, I love your pictures! You remind me so much of myself and I’m jealous of your abandoned amusement park adventure in Berlin! If your ever need a traveling buddy, pick me! It would be awesome to get a group of girls our age to travel together and meet new people! Next stop for me is iceland.. Have you been? Did you get your Canon? I’m thinking about upgrading to canon 5d mark ii, I hear it takes amazing videos and pictures.


    • Erica Connolly says:

      Thanks, Alyssa! The amusement park was seriously cool. Definitely one of my favorite experiences! I haven’t been to Iceland, but I have a feeling you’ll love it! Dying to get there… you’ll have to let me know! I just upgraded to the 60D and I’m in love! I think you’d be thrilled with the 5d… wish I could’ve afforded that one, but maybe one day!


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