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After spending an afternoon wandering through Stockholm’s Fotografiska photography museum (highly recommended, by the way!), I began to exit through that strategically placed gift shop when something caught my eye–as something always does. “Hide in Plain Sight: 100 inspiring ways to improve your travel photography.” I picked up the little blue book and started flipping though its pages. I was expecting another book about camera gear I can’t afford or tricky technological tips dealing with focus and exposure and ISO. But that wasn’t what I found.

Instead I found a well-written book that divulges insight about asking strangers for photos (my weakness!), capturing objects in motion, finding interesting frames, seeking out coordinating colors… All of these simple ideas that apply to both iPhone and DSLR photography. Ideas that don’t require expensive lenses or cameras. Just simple, creative ways to change the way you view the world through your lenses. 

I quickly found myself handing my credit card over to the cashier because this book just had to be mine. And it was the last copy. 

The next day, the dreaded four hour flight back to Madrid flew by (literally) because I couldn’t put the book down. I read it cover to cover in one sitting.

I really love its sleek design, beautiful photos and short, but helpful tips that include real life examples and experiences by the well-traveled author, Jens Lennartsson. In addition to advice, after every 25 tips, there is a photography challenge with suggestions on how to accomplish it. 

Since reading the book, I’ve felt so eager to grab my camera and go for a walk around my neighborhood because I have so many new techniques to apply and ideas to exercise. I have found myself looking through my lenses with a totally new perspective—one that is helping me to grow into a more well-rounded, creative photographer.

SO, if this book is something you may be interested in, I have a great opportunity for you! I’ve partnered with author Jens Lennartsson and his publishing company, New Heroes and Pioneers, to give away a free copy of Hide in Plain Sight to a follower! 

You can read the first 10 tips HERE if you need further convincing as to why you really need this book

Entry is simple, just follow the steps below and be sure to share this post.


  • Leave a comment including your email and where in the world you’d love the opportunity to practice these photography tips.


The contest closes Sunday, April 26th, and the winner will be notified Monday, April 27th. Good luck!

65 thoughts on “Travel Photography GIVEAWAY!

  1. Tamish Norman says:

    I’m so excited about this give away!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. I would love to practice using these tips on my dream trip to Bora Bora. This world is beautiful…I want to explore it and capture it with skillful photography.

  2. Trevor Huxham says:

    Sign me up for this! I’ve most been looking forward to visiting Girona out east in Catalunya for the longest time; its Gothic churches and colorful riverside homes seem super photogenic. My email’s trevor {dot} huxham (at) gmail [dot] com 😉

  3. Julie Sapsford says:

    This sounds like a dream book for a traveler! I’m moving from the landlocked Canadian prairies to the beautiful Maritime provinces this summer and I’ve honestly been daydreaming about the beautiful colours and scenery there for years – how wonderful it would be to learn how to capture it on camera! I spend much of my time traveling and a significant portion of time being disappointed in the way my photos turn out, so needless to say I could use some inspiration! My email is

  4. Kelly Morgan says:

    I’d love to take this book to Italy. Please keep the beautiful photos coming. I love them, and they are my only travel right now! 🙂

  5. Nikita says:

    I’m going to Cambodia for 3 weeks in June for my thesis research and I would love some amazing tips on how to improve my photography skills! Have a beautiful day!

  6. Abigail Allen says:

    Oh this book sounds wonderful! I would love to return to Europe with new eyes and a new prospective to shoot with!

  7. Nina says:

    That books looks incredible! I would love to have it for all my travels this year in Europe and south america, but especially for the underwater photography I’m planning for the Bahamas, with the swimming pigs and incredible sea life there!
    my email is thanks!

  8. tinidancer04 says:

    This sounds like an awesome and fun book (and giveaway opportunity!) I will be heading to Kosovo with the Peace Corps at the beginning of June and would love some more tips for photographing my stay and experiences.

  9. Brenna says:

    I would love to be able to take the best pictures of where I am right now… I’m studying abroad at Lancaster University. It’s not Oxbridge, but I’ve loved it here and I’d like to be able to capture the little moments and try to convey why it’s so important to me. Not to mention all the little European adventures I get to go on :):)

  10. sadiesynonymous says:

    I would love to capture the neighborhood near the elementary school where I work in Alcalá de Henares. It’s a poor neighborhood with lots of garbage and I’d like to be able to capture the beauty and character that I see every day on my walk to school.

  11. Barbara Greer says:

    Denis and I are traveling to Newfoundland in August. This would be a great opportunity to get those very special photos.

  12. Kelley Zanotto says:

    i would love to use this book in Greece and Italy!! What a great giveaway contest. Your photos are beautiful by the way. Kelley

  13. Andrea says:

    So cool! I’d love any chance to improve my amateur photo skills. I’d love to practice at some beautiful coast. I’ve always wanted to go to the UK. 🙂 andreasadventures (at)

  14. andieestella says:

    My family and I will be traveling to Tanzania after my college graduation, and this is the first trip we’ve taken together in 4 years. I’d love the chance to improve my travel photography while experiencing an African safari, and more importantly, capture unforgettable memories for our scrapbook!

  15. Briana Simpson says:

    Would love this book!! There are so many places I would love to use the tips from this book at! At Disney World in November, Bora Bora, on an Alaskan cruise!!

  16. jemborocz says:

    while I’m in love with Spain and would love to spend the rest of my life wandering about here, experiencing the life and culture and taking in the sights, I’m dying to travel Asia (particularly Cambodia) and India, which I think would provide amazing scenery for a photographic adventure.

  17. johnnycopes says:

    After Spain, I plan on going to South America. While the entire continent seems incredible, I’m particularly eager to get to Colombia; I’ve heard nothing but great things.

  18. Alexandria Stokolosa says:

    I am completely new to photography, and this book sounds perfect! Does the whole world count as a place I want to photograph? Lately I’ve been itching to get to Lake Como, but really where I want to go changes daily 🙂

  19. amanda0simmons says:

    I’m just starting out in the travel photography world and I know this book would help so much! My dream is to travel to Tibet to document the oppression by the Chinese government, and hopefully change the world by giving them a voice and outlet to highlight this injustice! Their culture is gradually disappearing but with projects like this it can stay alive.

  20. Katie Trusz says:

    Hi There!
    I am a natural light photographer, new to the business but with a lifetime of loving the craft to back it up. My goal is to capture pregnant mama’s, little ones’ and families’ special moments; To tell their stories with love. I have two little ones at home myself both under the age of three. Traveling far and wide isn’t in the cards just now, but I love what I do and am always hungry for a new view and a shift in perspective. I think this book is right up my alley!

  21. Nicole Pradel says:

    This sounds like an amazing read! This summer I was hoping to capture the beauty of the Camino de Santiago to get people back home more aware of it and how beautiful the journey is despite the difficulties. My email is ncpradel[at]gmail[dot]com

  22. Leanna says:

    Hi Erica! I found your giveaway on Instagram and I would love to enter! I am traveling to France in a month and I would love to read Hide In Plain Sight on my plane ride there 🙂 I’ll travel between Paris and the south of France for a month, so I’ll have plenty of opportunities to put the tips into action! Thanks again!

  23. Kirstie says:

    Ooh, this book sounds amazing! I’d love to use it to capture my current home of Sydney! Also liked you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Fingers crossed!

  24. Vesna Socava-Lile says:

    I love the first ten tips and exercise. So simple, clear and back insightful. I especially like the exercise to practice talking to strangers.

    What a great contest giveaway!

    Thanks, Vesna
    Twitter @vesnalile and @loversabroad
    Instagram @vesnasocavalile and @loversabroad

  25. Claire H says:

    This book sounds spectacular! I’m going to Iceland in a little over a month (land of my dreams) and am really excited to see and photograph the beautiful landscapes, but could definitely use all the help I can get re photo tips. And I love the photography museum in Stockholm too! The Sally Mann exhibit a few years ago really blew my mind and made me look at photography in a whole new light. Anyway thanks for sharing about this book! Cheers!

  26. Sarah Willats says:

    I would love to read the book and use the tips on a future trip to the Alhambra in Granada. It’s my third time here in Spain and I’ve still never been to it…aah! haha. I’ve seen pictures of it of course and know that the palace is so huge and beautiful. However, I would love to explore it myself and photograph the hidden and often overlooked parts of it and document it all. Or I wouldn’t mind heading back to Morocco to discover new cities there and learn how to see it with a new perspective and new eyes! I’m obsessed with Arab style architecture at the moment as you can tell. 😉
    My email is: sarah[dot]willats88[at] gmail [dot] com

  27. Emily Taylor says:

    This book looks amazing! I’m an aspiring photographer who put her architecture career on hold and moved to Madrid in order to travel through Europe and document my discoveries. I would love to use these tips to properly shoot every corner of Spain (and then expand out from there)!

  28. Stefanie Jackson says:

    This book looks awesome! I would love to use these tips while traveling India! The colors and textures would be amazing!!!

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