Tea Time 05.26.2015

Just in Time

Spending an afternoon locked in a room with your family might sound like your worst nightmare, right? But when the occasion isn’t something from a horror movie, but rather for entertainment, being locked in a room with your family for an hour is actually quite fun. I did my first escape room in Budapest, and it was unlike anything I’ve ever done before.  So when my family came to visit last week (!!!), I thought trying out Madrid’s The X-Door escape room would be a nice break from wandering the city and make for some good family bonding. We had 60 minutes to find clues, keys, and codes to unlock our way through several doors. In these games, anything can mean something, so you really have you to be aware of every little detail. It was a bit challenging with six people, but we beat the clock with eight minutes to spare! This is an awesome team building experience and something I highly recommend if you want to get off the beaten path a bit! The best part is, the price here is 50 euros flat for your team no matter the size!


Rooftop Vibes

Oh, how I love Madrid’s abundance of rooftop bars! Last week we checked out El Jardín Secreto, which is a beautiful garden on the roof of a three-story luggage store off Gran Via. I loved this place because there were so many little details to adore. We sat on vintage-inspired furniture among fragrant flowers sipping on passionfruit kiwi mojitos that were served with an electric, neon-light ice cube and an endearing straw tag! Although we went for cocktails, it would be the perfect spot for an afternoon merienda because their pastries looked divine and their tea list was extensive. Just one more thing to love: this place was rather affordable for a rooftop. Only six euros for a mojito! I’ve definitely paid more for a mojito in a smelly, grungy, sticky bar.



Amongst the standard Mahou and San Miguel that reign in Madrid, it’s really hard to come across a tasty craft brew. So when dad was here two weeks ago and we heard about Madriz brewery’s recent opening, well… we knew where we would be spending the evening. Not only do they make their own craft brews named after neighborhoods in Madrid, they also sell artisan beer from all around the world, including  Mikkeller with which I fell in love in Stockholm and Copenhagen!



When I think about @alexstrohl’s photos, I think about outdoorsy adventures and lake reflections and A-frame cabins in the Pacific North West. He has a style that’s easily recognizable and as soon as his photos appear in my feed, I know they’re his without even seeing the name. Follow him for some serious outdoorsy inspiration.


On my radar

Speaking of the PCN… Spencer recently introduced me to the Hoh Rainforest located in Washington’s Olympic National Park. It looks like something straight from a story book where fairies and gnomes and bunnies roam. I think it’s a great reminder of the diversity that is so often overlooked in the United States–the diversity that makes me feel excited to move back home and explore my own country. This mossy goodness will be high on my list this year.

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What’s going on this week? I am looking forward to a visit this weekend from some of my very best friends!

Sending positive vibes and possibly rafts to all of my Texas folk that are trying to stay afloat right now.


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