Tea Time 05.12.2015


After a rough Tuesday at school and a cancelled private class, I decided to take advantage of my free afternoon and explore a little part of Madrid I’ve always wanted to see. In Parque del Oeste, a budding rose garden pops up every May. Gardening enthusiasts from all over the world plant their best roses in the park’s huge “Rosaleda” garden in an effort to win the title of the most beautiful rose. I have never seen such an assortment of roses–literally every shape, color, and size you can imagine. I’m not typically a fan of this particular flower, but this many in such a small space really wooed me. Taking some time to, well, stop and smell the roses,  was just what my Tuesday needed.


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Flat Stanley

I read Flat Stanley in elementary school and I remember coloring my own and sending him off to some family somewhere in the USA. He went on an adventure and returned to me with photos and stories to share and I was fascinated by the concept. I wasn’t sure Flat Stanley still existed until my cousin asked if she could send me hers from Utah about a month ago! I eagerly accepted the offer, excited that I was interesting enough to host some one like Flat, and took him on an adventure with me to Ibiza last weekend. He spent hours hanging out on the beach, drinking… koolaid… or something like that, eating seafood, and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. And you know what? Flat loved Ibiza so much that he decided to stay forever… I can’t blame him, really. (AKA I’m incredibly irresponsible and in typical Erica fashion, I left him on that aforementioned Airbnb’s kitchen table.) SO, Flat Stanley got a makeover (AKA I thank god the templates are online so I could print and color a look alike) and is heading back to Salt Lake City this week with an added sunburn, a new beachy shirt, and some epic stories to tell.


Airbnbs I <3

Speaking of Ibiza… In case the island wasn’t paradise enough, we ended up renting one of the most beautiful Airbnbs I’ve stayed in yet. I love how every Airbnb oozes with personality and Claudia’s place was no different. With a white and greenery color scheme, the classy apartment was full of flourishing succulents and ivy. It had a glass-window wall with a blooming balcony and a view to DIE for. Since we were sharing the place with our friends (shoutout to those McReyonlds!), we took the sofa couch, which was no problem at all because I woke up to a glorious view of the Mediterranean sea every morning. If you’re heading to Ibiza any time soon, do consider staying here!


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On My Radar

I have such sweet memories of watching hot air balloons float above our house in Kentucky as a little girl. It was so enthralling to walk outside onto our sea shell driveway and spot a color or shape drifting by that we had never seen before. But there in Louisville, Kentucky, it was always a loan balloon that brought about so much joy, so I love to try and imagine my child-like adult reaction to witnessing the thousands of balloons that fly at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta every October. This has been a bucket list item for years and one of these days you’ll find my camera and me at sunrise, snapping away at the colorful balloons preparing for take off.


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