Tea Time 04.28.15

Rooftop Vibes


This weekend we had a blast returning the favor and hosting some of my high school friends that are currently stationed in Germany. Although it wasn’t a typical blue-sky, cloudless Madrid day, the weather somewhat permitted us to enjoy a terrace. I had recently heard of a trendy hostel with a rooftop bar near Plaza Mayor called The Hat. What a spot! It is a small dive, but it’s green and it’s affordable and it’s surrounded by Spanish rooftops. We kicked back and enjoyed some tinto de verano while soaking up the sun every time it decided to peer out from behind the clouds.  With the added company, we were in for a great afternoon.IMG_5183

Luscious Products

I have a new obsession and I’ve quite enjoyed feeding it recently. LUSH has officially won over all of my cosmetic desires and I somewhat splurged on some new products this weekend. I’ve been a fan of the facial exfoliator for a while now, but when I coincidentally ran out of shampoo and body wash in the same week, I couldn’t veer away from taking a looksie in LUSH. I bought the Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo–which is actually made with beer–and I love it! It makes my oily-at-the-roots-dry-on-the-tips hair very manageable. I also bought the Yummy Mummy Limited Edition body wash, which I’m obsessed with, too. Something about the smell brings me back to my childhood. And finally, I decided to really go big and give dry shampoo a go for the first time. I’m still not convinced about this yet, but I’ll let ya know after a couple of uses when I’ve made up my mind.


Breakfast Digs

Because when I have a breakfast/brunch like this, it deserves its own place on Tea Time. Strawberries from the man selling them across the street, fresh cheese, ham, and olives from the market down the road, coffee and free churros from the cafe on the corner, and melt-in-your-mouth croissants from the bakery downstairs. Nope, I don’t think I need to say anything more. This fresh luxury is something I’m going to miss terribly next year.

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On My Radar

Some of my favorite beach memories involve wandering up and down the shores foraging for unique seashells with my mom. Turns out, there’s a place in Florida that’s ideal for just this–Sanibel Island. This island is literally completely covered with sand dollars, starfish, conch shells–all of the shells I always wanted to stumble upon as a child but never did. I could probably spend hours scavenging for shells here. Plus, I heard it’s quite common to see dolphins playing about off the shore, so obviously I’m sold.


Photo Via


Theron Humphrey grams at the appropriately titled This Wild Idea. He travels around the world with his Coonhound, Maddie, in tow. Every time I see a new photo of Maddie, I catch myself spending way too much time pondering how on Earth one dog could be so well-trained and patient. He poses her across different settings in unique positions with beautiful backgrounds, and Maddie simply does as she’s told, holding the pose for as long as it takes to get the shot–that’s what I like to think anyway. Just glancing at the photos, the love Theron has for his furry pal radiates through my iPhone screen and it makes my soul feel so very warm and happy.


Tomorrow I’m heading to Spain’s Costa Brava for TBEX, one of the biggest travel blogging conferences in the world! I’m one big ball of terrified and excited emotions. Wish me luck! What are you up to this week?

Also, a big congratulations to Joseph from Allophile for winning my Hide in Plain Sight giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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