Tea Time 04.21.2014

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In case you’ve missed it, my new obsession is Jens Lennsartsson’s book, Hide in Plain Sight. It’s a well-written, easy-to-read book with 100 tips for improving your travel photography without improving your camera gear. iPhone and DSLR photography addicts rejoice! This book is for you. Oh, and you can win a free copy here


Not many people know about Madrid’s big and beautiful backyard. I love to see the look on people’s faces when I tell them you can go skiing just an hour outside of the city center… or that you can hike endless trails with fabulous views of Madrid and its surroundings. On Saturday, I had a blast with some friends hiking trails in Becerril. We brought bocadillos and snacks and had a picnic with the cows and then hiked and hiked until a random downpour of hail attacked. Ten kilometers later… we were all a bit surprised by how far we had gone, feeling beyond ready for some hot tea. And wine.


Freaking Madrid. I am so going to miss wandering around these streets with my eyes glued to the skyline. I went for a walk on Monday around Gran Via and I stumbled upon this beauty—which is just one of 127 of my favorite buildings in the city. Seriously though, what’s a girl gotta do to have leafy digs like that?! 


Would you believe me if I told you that one Instagram account that brings me tremendous amounts of joy is an account full of photos taken by a five year old? His father, @argonautphoto, is a National Geographic photographer who brings his son @hawkeyehuey along on many of his adventures. He gives his son the freedom to wear his own camera and snap shots of anything he finds interesting—and how wonderfully fascinating it is to see the world through the lens of a 5 year old. I’m just imagining this little doll traveling the world with a inquisitive eye, taking photos of all the people and places that fascinate him. BE STILL MY HEART. This kid is going to be big in the world of photography—mark my words. 


Hello, Florida. Specifically Crystal River, Florida. This place has been calling my name for as long as I can remember. Here you can snorkel with wild, friendly manatees and doing so is easily one of my biggest priorities in life. Who’s with me?

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What are you up to this week? We have some friends visiting from Germany this weekend, so we will be running all over Madrid giving them our condensed tour and drinking lots of cheap beer and wine since we only have one full day with them! Cheers to another great week!  

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