Tea Time 03.23.15


Every time I travel, I try to bring home a souvenir that I can use to decorate my future home. I have collected so many little trinkets and treasures over the years and I so look forward to having a more permanent place to display them all. I love that each trinket has a story that will fill my home with sweet memories. When I was in Scotland last week, I found these prints by Edinburgh artist, Eilid Muldoon. When I saw her prints in a curious shop called The Red Door Gallery, I knew I couldn’t leave without one. My print features several storefronts from the Grass Market area–including Cafe Jacques where I enjoyed some afternoon tea! If you like her art, check out her Etsy store here!


Speaking of Edinburgh… I had no idea the Harry Potter history that went on there! Not to mention that as I walked the streets, I felt like a wizard wandering through a witchy world. The architecture looked oddly similar to scenes from the movies–and it’s probably no accident as JK Rowling currently lives and spent so much of her time writing there. We had a lovely dinner at Spoon where Rowling wrote a bit of the first Harry Potter novel (not at Elephant House–don’t be fooled!). We also learned that she spent time wandering cemeteries looking for name inspiration for her characters… We found a certain Thomas Riddell’s headstone in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Naturally, I’ve been on a Harry Potter kick and in five days, I’ve almost finished all of the movies.


On Friday, I enjoyed a bit of skiing on some Spanish slopes. Most people have no idea that it’s possible to ski just an hour outside of Madrid! It’s definitely not the best skiing I’ve ever done, but it’s an exciting hiccup in routine, nonetheless. My school is located very close to the Sierra Mountains and every year we take a Friday and spend it skiing at a very small resort called Navacerrada. The cool part is that we receive all the rental gear and ski passes for free and the kids get handed off to the ski instructors leaving the teachers free to roam about the “pistas!” My body has been so pathetically sore all weekend due to an “America’s Funniest Home Videos” type of face plant that definitely should have banged me up more than it did.


Oops, it seems that I can’t get the West coast off my mind! Last year I spent a lot of my spring researching all things Malibu/LA related in an effort to make a guide book gift for my little brother who was preparing to enter his freshman year at Pepperdine. Through my research, I was delighted to discover the quaint canals of Venice, California–designed to mirror those of Venice, Italy. It’s on my must-do list for when I visit my brother in Malibu… because what could be better than riding bikes with your bro along sun-drenched canals that are lined with succulent walls (true story) and palm trees?! Not much, I’m afraid. See you soon, Venice.

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I’ve just recently started following @WhitneyLeighMorris on Instagram after seeing her featured on Design Sponge. She lives in a 362-square-foot #tinycanalcottage in–you guessed it!–Venice, California. She posts photos of her incredible little canal-side cottage, events she hosts there, and her precious pup, #stanleestubs. This girl has impeccable taste in design and an insanely creative mind that challenges everything I thought I knew about interior design. Whitney, don’t be alarmed if I come knocking on your door when I visit those pretty little canals one day!

This week is another short one, as we head off for a spring break adventure on Thursday! We’ll be starting off in Colmar, France, followed by Copenhagen, and finally Stockholm. As always, send your suggestions my way! Have a great week!

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