Ocean City, MD: Cause It’s so Dangerous You’ll Have to Sign a Waiver

Welcome to wonderful Ocean City, Maryland!  Take a good look at this picture because that little strip right there is an aerial view of where all the magic happened… That is the “Board Walk”, which stretches for 10 miles right to the Delaware state line.  It is full of places to stay (we chose The Hampton House), places to eat, rides to ride, and street performers to watch.
In the summer of 2008, Haylie and I were invited to intrude on this traditional Grubby family vacation.    
We found many things to do in Ocean City… either that, or evident by the below picture, we were just extremely good at creating our own fun…
The boardwalk provided plenty of entertainment during the day,
and if you were bored at night, the many clubs around town seemed to be a local hit— although we chose to steer clear from those.  We were more into laser chasing, music video making, and hanging out with these guys…
(They really appreciated “those girls from Texas”… So much so that they wrote a song about it and bought us ”those girls from Texas” ice cream…)
When we weren’t soaking up the sun on the beach, we chose to do so from 600 feet in the air!  
Eventually, when Chris Brown and Rihanna decided to show up and share the sun with us (seriously… pre-breakup though), they brought this massive storm with them and managed to stay hidden.  
(The above photograph may or may not have made it onto the PostSecret website a while back…) 
After a week long stay in Ocean City, I returned home without my big toe nail, with a golden tan, and all the lyrics to “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies perfectly memorized. 

Whatcha think?