Ibiza’s Colorful Old Town

Oh, the ways in which Ibiza surprised me! I had pretty low expectations for this party place. To be honest, all I really knew about it was that Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian seem to frequent the island.  I was ready for some sun, but I thought the beaches would be average beaches with some nudity sprinkled here and there. I expected the old town to be dirty, rundown, and taken over by Jersey Shore-like storefronts and restaurants. But… WRONG AND WRONGER. The beaches were the best my toes have ever had the pleasure of being stuck in and the Old Town was cute and colorful and totally worth exploring. I’m not big into the wild party and clubbing scene (okay, not at all), which I naturally associated with the island, but it’s totally possible to enjoy this paradise in the absence of that business. We arrived the week before the crowds did in early May and in my opinion, the timing couldn’t have been better. We found the best of Ibiza–ideal weather, cheap prices, few crowds, and plenty of beer and wine.

Ibiza’s Old Town sits up on a hill overlooking the rest of the island. Its ancient streets are lined with worn cobblestones and whitewashed casas that wear splashes of color or floral arrangements. It has a cool, chic aura and I really could have stayed for quite a while admiring just about everything. It may be one of the most photogenic little towns I’ve ever had the opportunity to shoot around!





IMG_3553  IMG_3487




IMG_3540  IMG_3528









IMG_3516  IMG_3508


IMG_3504  IMG_3503





If my adoration for the Old Town hasn’t convinced you to visit Ibiza… stay tuned for a follow up post about the dreamy beaches. I promise you’ll be sold.

2 thoughts on “Ibiza’s Colorful Old Town

  1. Jenna at Boston Chic Party says:

    Your pictures are beyond gorgeous! I’ve always thought of Ibiza as a club scene too, so love seeing a different side of what I expected. I especially love the picture of the sign with arrows pointing to champagne and gelato- two very necessary food groups 😉

  2. Trevor Huxham says:

    Like you, apart from Ibiza’s reputation as a party-palooza I had no idea there was anything else to the island. Your pictures have changed that for me, though! So pretty!

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