Happiness & Homesickness

“I love Spain!”  “This life rocks!”


But I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t get just a little homesick for certain things every now and again. Life in Europe is much, much different than life in Texas, and living here makes me realize how much I really love certain things from home.

  • My family, duh. But I’ve been so lucky to have had them visit–my dad three times already!


  • My friends. COME TO SPAIN ALREADY!


  • My pups. Ohhhh, Harley and Moe. Every time I see people walking their dogs here, I have a small tear and have to fight this insane urge to tackle the dog and get all up in its face. Our neighbors have the sweetest pup and just hearing its little paws against the tile through our wall melts my heart. No need to call me crazy, I already know.


  • World Market’s pick six beer deal.
  • Blue Moon. Wahhhh.
  • Chipotle. We are going to Paris next month and guess what… THERE IS A REAL LIFE CHIPOTLE THERE! Forget the Eiffel Tower… I know what our first stop will be.



  • Fresco’s. Or just Mexican food in general. Spain puts forth a good effort, but the country doesn’t do spicy or queso or good guac. One time, we tried the “best Mexican restaurant in Spain” and paid $10 for guacamole, which turned out to cover about 2.5 chips. Ughh.
  • Target.
  • Driving. It’s a weird feeling to be utterly dependent on public transportation. Oh, and rainy days + no car = probably not leaving the apartment.
  • All the pumpkin things.


  • A dryer. Because Europe doesn’t believe in dryers, clothes take about three days to fully dry.
  • A microwave, freezer and an oven. Spain has these, our apartment doesn’t.


  • Chick-fil-a.
  • Free water. At restaurants, water is more expensive than wine or beer.
  • Ice. I’m  beginning to forget what it tastes like.
  • Iced tea. OMG how I miss having a cold glass full of ice while eating lunch. This is another thing I could literally cry about.
  • Hanging out and watching American football.


  • Feeling confident in a language. Any day now I’ll be a Spanish pro, right?
  • Denton and UNT. Because Denton is getting super cool and UNT is actually winning football games.
  • Having the option to attend friends’ weddings, holiday parties, engagement parties, birthday parties, graduations, etc. I am a very sentimental person and I hate to miss out on this sort of thing.

Maybe it’s the holidays approaching, or maybe this is just what happens after two months living in another country, but one thing I do know for sure is that I’m growing and adapting and changing in ways I never knew needed changing. With a little bit of homesickness comes a whole lot of happiness… and it’s funny to think that in seven months I will have a long list of Spanish things I’m homesick for from the comfort of my Texas.

11 thoughts on “Happiness & Homesickness

  1. Jen says:

    Omg when I went to London in April I demanded that we go to Chipotle. So good!

    PS. You can buy Blue Moon here! (for a premium of course.) I’m pretty sure Cervezorama has it usually (Calle de San Andrés, 29) and I’ve also purchased it at a bar and drank it right out of the bottle, at The Passenger (Calle Pez, 16). And if you ask for ague del grifo, you will get free water! 🙂 Just a few things I’ve learned since Janaury. xx

    • Erica Connolly says:

      My mind is blown, Jen! Thank you so much for the info. Was the Chipotle in London as good as back home?

      Can’t waittttt to find me some Blue Moon ASAP! And FREE WATER! Who knew. Thanks again! Hope you’ve been enjoying your adventure!

  2. Kirstyn says:

    There’s a place in Madrid that people say is just like Chipotle. It’s called Tierra. http://www.tierraburritos.com/
    I don’t have Chipotle in my corner of Arkansas, but this place has awesome burritos (and nachos, and tacos). Also, beware of their spiciest salsa. It was so spicy that I couldn’t finish my food (and that’s saying something coming from me). They actually mean SPICY.

    Now I want a burrito…

    • Erica Connolly says:

      Kirstyn, you better believe I have been to TB several times! It definitely fills the square for the time being 🙂 But I have yet to try their spiciest salsa, so maybe I’ll do that next time! Thanks for the tip!

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