Wanderlust Wednesday: The Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Introducing a little something called “Wanderlust Wednesdays.”
Who knows how long it will last.  I may decide that it’s totally lame tomorrow.  But until then, I’ll upload one of my favorite pictures from one of my favorite places every Wednesday.
(That means “Enjoy!”I’m getting really good at Spanish, by the way.)
So, to kick this baby off, I present to you…
The Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China.  
This “must-see” site was established in 1420 during the Ming Dynasty and covers 667 acres of Chinese soil.  I sure hope I look this good when I am 592 years old.  This particular structure is called the Imperial Vault, where sacrifices were offered to Heaven.

Wayfaring Word of the Wise:  When touring temples and palaces in Beijing, space them out throughout your time in the city.  Every temple you stumble upon is sure to be breathtaking and unique, but temple trot too much in one day, and the magic of each place fades, right along with your stamina.

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