Here, There, and Everywhere

A collection of my favorite photos I have taken throughout my travels. Eventually I will have a collection of this collection lining a hallway in my eventual home.  I CANNOT wait.

Sooke, Canada

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Beijing, China

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

10,000 Buddhas, Hong Kong

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Tucson, Arizona

Kai Ping Dialou, China

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Belize City, Belize

Cozumel, Mexico

Los Angeles, California

Yellowstone, Wyoming

Ocean City, Maryland

San Diego, California

Costa Verde Resort, Costa Rica

Granville Island Public Market-Vancouver, Canada

New York City, New York

Lake Powell, Utah

Snowbird Ski Lodge- Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah


It’s not often that you meet someone who is so rich, that you would be content living a life parallel to that person’s.  But with that said, I don’t mean rich in terms of money.  I mean rich in terms of  happiness.  I mean rich with friends and family, rich with wisdom, rich with youth, and rich with humor.  If I turn out to be half as rich as my grandpa is, I will be the wealthiest (& possibly the cheesiest?) girl in the world.
My grandpa has accomplished amazing things alongside my grandma.  He fought in wars as a General in the Air Force, he has traveled the world, raised 4 kids and 7 grandkids, won titles in the Senior Olympics for basketball and volleyball.  I’m not sure there is anything this guy can’t do!  He is 77, but to him, age is just a number.
I couldn’t be more proud and excited that the History Channel chose to feature my grandpa (!!!) in their documentary about the Vietnam War.
Be sure to tune in tonight and tomorrow at 8PM as they continue to honor our veterans of the Vietnam War and provide exclusive interviews with my grandpa and footage from his days as an air force fighter pilot. 
Happy Veterans Day to my grandpa (and to my dad, grandma, and uncles, as well!).  
Click on this link to see a History Channel interview with my gpa:  

Whirlwind: Beijing, China

Our time in Beijing was a whirlwind adventure, as we were only there for four brief days.  Unfortunately, those 96 hours seemed to be focused primarily on this new idea that Kevin, our Communist tour guide, was testing out called,  “Temple-Trotting.”
Okay, I have no idea if that was what he was doing or not, but I do know that we were herded like cattle through too many temples to count.  I think he found it wildly amusing or something.  And excuse my ignorance, but each temple seemed to be no different from the previous.  Needless to say, I literally have hundreds of photos of temples, but I couldn’t give you any names or give you any kind of significance behind the photos.  While the temples are one big, exhausting hodgepodge of a memory,  these are the little pieces of Beijing that I most certainly won’t forget.
TRAFFIC.  But, it’s China–Beijing at that.  We wouldn’t have gotten the full experience if the traffic was absent.
This wall that stretches for miles in the mountains… I can’t remember the name exactly… but maybe you’ve heard of it.
The Pedestrian Market…
…and this is why.
Yes, those are scorpions on a stick.  And yes, they are still alive… just hanging out, waiting to meet your taste buds.
The Bird’s Nest.  (2008 Olympic Venue)
Inside of the Bird’s Nest.
And I won’t forget this because I was having serious stomach issues from some sort of Asian delight I tried at lunch.  Kevin gave us a very generous hour to soak up all that the inner arena offers which was… overpriced segway rides around the track!!!  I found Kevin hilarious at this point.
The Water Cube.  (Another 2008 Olympic Venue)
At this time a cold front blew through and the temperature dropped what felt like 25 degrees.  Wasn’t that a nice little addition to Kevin’s heinous plan for making the Americans miserable.  The Water Cube is fascinating and all, but I wouldn’t have minded observing it from the bus as we drove by.  Standing in the cold for an hour while staring at a cube that is supposed to be the molecular structure of water… far from riveting.
Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse… and their evil twins?
FYI:  Asians get free photos with Disney characters.  Americans pay “five dolla!”
The smiling grass.
 The architecture
was so impressive
in every part of the vast city.
And last but not least:  the squatty potties.  Of which I still have nightmares about.
I realize that most of this sounds negative, but Beijing is a city with so much to see and so many stories to tell.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every second I spent there.  For it is the good and the bad that create the adventure.  I just wish our time was spent in a lot of different ways at a lot of different places…  I guess that just gives me an excuse to return one day!